HEAT (Hazard Emergency & Accident Training) is an interactive 3D instructional computer game that will provide first responders to a fire with the necessary training and background to handle a similar scenario in a real-life environment professionally, safely, and effectively. It as a collaboration between Creative Learning Environments Lab (CLE) and The Interdisciplinary Media Research Consortium (IMRC).

Aristotle’s Assassins teaches Ancient Greek art and architecture, philosophy, and politics through an adventure, role-playing environment where students interact with Greek civilization and influence forms of government.

I worked as a visual lead on both projects working on such things as models textures, trademarks, interface, and dvd designs. I collaborated with students in Art, IT, CS and English to get things done for the project.

(Video clips and still renders of the project can be started by clicking on menu items to the left.

Quicktime 6 or newer is required, which can be downloaded HERE


All Animations and models created with Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Maya, and Adobe After Effects